There's been something missing in St. Paul for a few years now.  A fab, independent shoe store!  Who better to meet the challenge than a couple of small business-loving Leos!  Kristie and Jill have been working together-but-separately since 2011 and it was time to make it an official partnership. 

Kristie is the owner of Teeny Bee Boutique and Peregrine Kidswear located at 1560 Selby Ave.

Jill is the owner of Spoils of Wear located 1566 Selby Ave.

It just made sense when the retail space a few doors down opened up.  A shoe store should go there, right?  Yep. Doin' it.

Store Hours:

Thurs - Sat    10am - 5pm

Sun - Weds.   10am - 5pm by request (Inquire at Teeny Bee Boutique or Spoils of Wear next door!)

Come visit us! We can't wait to see you.


Kristie and Jill